Choose how you sell


Selling on the open market exposes the property to the greatest number of buyers, often resulting in the highest sale price and net proceeds to the seller.


iBuyers usually purchase properties that are in good condition at close to the open market price, with cash.


Bridge programs enable a homeowner to buy their next house before selling and moving out of their current home. This enables sellers to find a new home, then move when they are ready.

There are more options than ever before for homeowners considering selling their home. Pruitt Miller Realty Group lays out all options so you can select the best path for your situation.

Open Market

Sell for Maximum Market Value

The tried and true process to maximize your net, using Open Market. Our blend of exceptional service, leading edge technology and powerful marketing means more money in your pocket

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Instant Offers

Sell Quickly, Minimum Hassle

There are an increasing number of iBuyers in our market. The Instant Offers allows you to quickly get and compare all available instant offers from iBuyers.

Modern Bridge

Sell Before You Buy

Traditionally, buying a new home has often been contingent on selling your existing home. Modern Bridge makes that a thing of the past –now you can buy and move into your new home first, and sell your existing property after.
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